Privacy Statement

Information Collection

Information is collected primarily to enable us to provide information and services to our clients.  New Intelligence collects anonymous information, such as numbers of visitors to our website, and personal information which lets us know the specifics of who our clients are such as name, email address, or postal address, when it is provided to us. This information is generally gathered during the process of organising and delivering our training products.

This information may be used to inform our clients of additional products and services which may be of interest.

How much personal information that is collected is entirely dependant on how much our clients wish to disclose.

Use of Anonymous Information

Anonymous information is used as collective data to monitor the use of our website, to assess the popularity and suitability of our training products, and in the marketing of our training products.

Use of Personal Information

New Intelligence will only use the personal information provided to us for the purpose for which it is provided.


There will be instances where it is necessary for New Intelligence to disclose personal information to third parties. There may be a legal requirement to disclose the information, or a necessity, to process a credit card for example, to enable New Intelligence to provide the service for which the personal information was disclosed. In any other instance New Intelligence will not disclose personal information unless there has been authorisation to do so.

Sale of Personal Information

Under no circumstances will New Intelligence be involved in the sale of personal information.

Privacy Complaints

Please notify New Intelligence in the event that any complaint regarding our handling of personal information is required.