Our phylosophy resides in a brain-based approach to deriving more meaning from information through experience

Training Philosophy

Our philosophy resides in a brain-based approach to deriving more meaning from information through experience.

The New Intelligence philosophy and training approach is science and research driven. We are not in the business of peddling tricks, quick tips or shortcuts: just the precise, disciplined application of measured techniques derived from the latest neuropsychological research that encourages high level behavioural intelligence, delivers a deeper understanding, and prepares people to become competent

Contrary to increasingly out-dated developmental paradigms, we affirm that not only can technical skills be learned as individual competencies but so can the human skills. Skills that previously were thought to be innate or assumed. Our philosophy, is not a conceptual one – it has been tested in such demanding and diverse arenas as law enforcement, counter-terrorism, national security, sales and human resource management

The specific behavioural tools, techniques and theories our training incorporates include:

  • Attention Theory
  • Non-verbal communication
  • Base lining
  • Paralinguistics
  • Bias
  • Perception
  • Detection of Deception
  • Power Theory
  • Emotion
  • Profiling
  • Gender Differences
  • Psycholinguistics
  • Micro-expressions
  • Psychology, Psychiatry and Counselling
  • Motivation
  • Social Psychology
  • Neuro-Linguistic Programming

Some things we believe:

  • most training is “do what I can do” not “do what you can do”
  • data projectors are ok but experience is great
  • fear is the most commonly experienced emotion
  • excess uncertainty limits realisation of your potential
  • if training is comfortable it is ineffective
  • humans have phenomenal potential
  • motivated people make the best learners

We provide anyone who wants it the opportunity to be better – at whatever they want to be better at

Some things we believe:

New Intelligence utilises the “Train Like You Play” philosophy entailing elements of High Stimulation Training (HST). HST is based on the research of Matsumoto, Konno, and Ha (2007) which examined the connection between emotion and stress in dynamic situations. It identified the “zone of optimal stress” and offers methods for training to deal with this and other issues ensuring behavioural and cognitive modification during training. Accordingly, participants will be placed under controlled stress and emotional situations at various times throughout our face to face components. Whilst there is no intent to distress participants, New Intelligence accepts no responsibility for participants who are unable to deal with this type of training.