Research & Partners

The good thing about Science is that it's true whether or not you believe in it - Neil deGrasse Tyson

New Intelligence has spent over 10 years searching for the most reliable and valid research available to support our courses. Our people have come to be experts in many areas but also recognise when they need to reach out for the expertise of others. Along the way we have found the most cutting edge, scientifically validated researchers, practitioners and developers in the world and we have worked hard to secure them as our partners.

We are proud to have these organisations as our partners in the New Intelligence Network:


As the only Australian partner of Humintell we are developing new products and programs around deception, understanding culture and reading micro-expressions that have until now been unavailable in this country.


We work with Litmos to develop unique programs for the online learning delivery market.

One of the most common requests we have in class is for the names and authors of the books and articles we rely on to build our programs. We are always happy to provide these, but anecdotally we know that only about 3-5 participants from each class will go and source one or more of the books and only about 1 participant per class will actually read them. Most people like the idea of investing time and effort to learn new things and challenge old beliefs, but few possess the luxury of time to do so.
We believe it should be regarded as a necessity rather than a luxury.
Since our company was established our people have read and analysed thousands of books, journals and articles as part of the development and delivery of our programs. They have also attended more than 100 conferences domestically and internationally and they are required to regularly attend training courses offered by other providers to ensure that we are maintaining the highest quality in terms of content and delivery methods.
At New Intelligence we are doing our part to ensure that emotion does not triumph over reason and that persuasion does not replace science.

“Calling ignorance by its name can be good. Acknowledging one’s ignorance and the possibility of being wrong is the first step to an open mind. It is cognitively healthy: it prepares us for learning, directs our curiosity, and takes us into the real world. Pursuing the truth takes intellectual courage. Finding the truth is often difficult. Accepting the truth may be the hardest part.”


Daniel R. DeNicola
Understanding Ignorance – The Surprising Impact of What we don’t Know

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