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We let our clients speak for themselves and they will be happy to speak with you in person – just ask us.

"There is little I can say that won’t sound like I am having a religious experience – however I found his material, style & delivery are of the most outstanding ever. He knows his audience. He analyses individuals. He knows his material back to front…... I have 10 years background in the psychology/psychotherapy field and I saw a lot of insightful, useful, intelligent comments and illumination to the class. The comprehensive application of this so effectively is rare. Not only did I know what was going on, I also know why, and how it shaped the bigger picture of the course."

"I have taken a great deal of relevant techniques, tools and information from this course. The 8 years of research and refining is particularly evident in the material. Very credible scientific references support the coursework, in my opinion. I'm very grateful to have had the opportunity to participate. Excellent."

"Best training I have attended. Ever. I always felt engaged and motivated. I also felt challenged. Due to this I felt I learnt a lot. I would very much like to be made aware of any future courses or training to be offered."

"Whilst some people may have had issues with the presenters style, we are often given free rule on training course by presenters & not forced to ‘revoke’ in our thinking. Nothing good comes from an easy course!
Fantastic program that enables real learning and application to the workplace. Caters for individual learning and to shift thinking in an "action and permission to learn" approach. I don't just get an answer, I develop better ways to think and operate at a much better level."

"The facilitator has delivered a program which is demanding stressful and confrontational. Make no mistake, his presentation is designed to rapidly place the attendee from an area of comfort, reassurance and security to an uncertainly of fear, doubt, anger and a mounting absence of control. Throughout, he is sincere in his motivations and focused on delivering an insight into best practice, which had in turn, developed me as a practitioner as well as a person."

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