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New Intelligence eLearning

Research and Partners

We can show you the research and we name our partners

New Intelligence has spent over 10 years searching for the most reliable and valid research available to support our programs. Our people have come to be experts in many areas but also recognise when they need to reach out for the expertise of others.  Along the way we have found the most cutting edge, scientifically validated researchers, practitioners and developers in the world and we have worked hard to secure them as our partners.

The New Intelligence Network

Whenever New Intelligence finds a person or an organisation that has ideas, capability, research or products that match up to our Program standards we invite them to become part of our network so that we have more options to help our clients be better.

We are proud to have these organisations as our partners in the New Intelligence Network:

 Cognitive Edge Logo

Cognitive Edge
Our partnership with Cognitive Edge allows us to bring the latest in brain training research and application to the market through on-line products and up to date science.


 Learning Seat logo

Learning seat
We work with Learning Seat to develop unique programs for the on-line training delivery market.


 Human Intell logo Humintell
As the only Australian partner of Humintell we are developing new products and programs around detecting deception, understanding culture and reading micro-expressions that have, until now, been unavailable in this country.


The Lifezone logo Lifezone
One of our most longstanding relationships, our work with lifezone has resulted in some of the more innovative aspects of our philosophy of “Train Like You Play” and gives us access to the latest science and application around performance.


Social Influence Consulting Group logo  Social Influence Consulting Group
Our newest partner SICG provides a powerful addition to the Network with Australia’s only Cialdini Method Certified Trainer and Consultant.


Would your organisation like to be part of our Network?