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Interview Skills

Explore The Art and Science of Interview: PROSPECT - Australia’s only proprietary non-law-enforcement interview framework, used by elite interviewers around the country. 

It doesn’t matter who you are, PROSPECT provides the basis for high-performance execution of strategies and techniques regardless of the interview complexity or difficulty.  For over 8 years it has been tested in workplace investigations, compliance regimes, statutory enforcement and security functions.  It has now been extended to performance assessments, conflict resolution, coaching, customer service, business process analysis, consulting, clinical assessments, counselling and financial planning.  PROSPECT has a proven track record for increasing the amount of reliable information you can obtain in less time, avoiding outdated and outmoded techniques often associated with law enforcement models.

For nearly a decade New Intelligence has been collecting the latest research and applications both domestically and around the world.  This research and experience shows that poorly executed interviews can consume a disproportionate amount of time, are the source of many complaints and dissatisfied clients and can be a platform for misinterpretations and misunderstandings within and between organisations and clients. 

It is no longer enough for a practitioner to write out a list of questions and expect answers.  The modern interviewer must be conversant and practised in concepts and techniques that include:

·          Themes and Commitment principles

·          Expectation management techniques

·          Understanding specific question-type relationships

·          Building objective-based plans

·          Influence and persuasion strategies

·          Bias mitigation techniques

·          Interview environment set-up and management

·          Difficulties in deception detection

Leading interviewers use specific techniques in planning to provide structure that allows the agility for successful execution.  

As a training framework, PROSPECT makes the Art and Science of Interview easy to understand, using a step-by-step process that draws on only the best and latest of contemporary research and practice.   

We have trained thousands of interviewers and the results speak for themselves.  So do they.

I engaged immediately with the content but more specifically with the presentation style that resulted in real contributions from the whole room - without any apparent fear or self-consciousness on behalf of the participants. Very punchy, honest answers provided from honest reactions to answers provided from the floor. Kicking myself that I couldn't attend earlier. Would consider a career change to specialise in this

I got a lot out of it even though I’ve conducted interviews at a very high level. I think I will be a lot more confident preparing and conducting interviews in future. As you are aware, after the interview at (...) I lost all confidence in completing interviews.   I have completed a few interviews since then but this has really made me feel more comfortable in my approach.  

Brilliant course! I am looking forward to utilizing the tools given to me in my role. I learnt a great deal not only about the most effective way to interview but I also learnt a great deal about myself.

Loved the course, stretched me to my limits, would recommend this course and would do it again. Thank you.

It has provided a new approach to thinking about what was becoming a seemingly 'simple' skill. Thank you for allowing us to approach it this way.  This was personally confronting, yet extremely rewarding.

Want to know more about Australia’s only non-law enforcement interview method?

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