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New Intelligence eLearning

Certified Trainers

Regardless of whether you love them or hate them, you will remember a New Intelligence certified trainer and, more importantly, what they brought to your program and your life.

Borne out of a wide spectrum of backgrounds ranging from Law Enforcement and National Security to HR consulting and financial services, and with qualifications in Intelligence, Psychology, Education, Neuroscience and Criminology, our staff regularly attend national and international conferences, participate in research groups and forums, and provide expert comment in areas including reading people, understanding emotion, building rapport, critical decision making, persuasion, detecting deception, interviewing, negotiation, critical thinking, problem solving and analysis.

Our consultants and facilitators possess an extensive background and mix of tertiary, vocational and practitioner driven qualifications and expertise.  More importantly they all have a passion for taking science and making it consumable – making it useable and making it real.

Conditional upon certification is the ability for trainers to deliver according to our philosophy of “Train Like You Play”. It requires a deep understanding of how people respond to uncertainty, challenge and emotional stimuli.  Our trainers know that it is their job to make sure our participants have an experience – and they know that it does not always have to be pleasant.

Our staff continually undertake personal and professional development programs and maintain relevant industry memberships to a variety of bodies.

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