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New Intelligence eLearning

Become a Trainer

New Intelligence is always looking for passionate, seriously motivated people who believe that people can be better.

We recruit on the basis of three simple criteria:

  1. You have a passion for understanding how people and their brains work
  2. You have the capacity for extending yourself and capability to extend others
  3. You can perform a show that people will remember.

New Intelligence Certified Trainers (NICT) undergo a rigorous "train-the-trainer" course.  It is preferred, but not essential, that applicants have an existing client base.  NICT’s are able to deliver the programs internally of their organisations or externally as a commercial venture.

Certifications are granted to trainers who have fulfilled training and presentation requirements, passed the written exams and completed audit delivery requirements.

Certification is...

  • For experienced trainers. If you'd like to be considered for certification, please complete the Independent Trainers Application form below and submit it to
  • Held in Canberra, Australian Capital Territory (unless a larger group, usually a number of trainers from the one company or agency requires training in the one location).
  • Held twice a year. Certification runs for consecutive days (depending on Human Skill selected) and the exact dates vary.
  • Kept small and entrance is competitive, based on the materials submitted.

Independent Trainers Application

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