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New Intelligence eLearning

New Intelligence is an Australian company that has spent the last decade researching how and why people get better at what they do when it matters.

We were born out of mission critical organisations and still provide cutting edge programs to the elite levels of law enforcement, compliance, intelligence and national security agencies.  But now we take the same science and applications to a wide variety of  public and private sector organisations and individuals at an enterprise, corporate and personal level.

We are unique in the Australian training landscape because we:

  • develop all our own programs from the ground up 
  • use our own delivery methodology
  • only use blended learning
  • leverage the latest science and research
  • update our programs twice a year
  • require that your commitment is written into our contract
  • tell our clients about complaints made about us
  • believe people can be better 

New Intelligence specialises in customising and contextualising our core programs for specific organisational situations and our uncompromising assessment methodologies go well beyond many recognised qualification and competency providers. We have a reputation for being able to deliver lasting results where others have not.

Some of the things we know:

  • you can’t make anyone do something that they don’t want to do
  • a 2 year old child is more influential than a 32 year old adult
  • the vast majority of adult training courses do not work
  • there are two main learning centres in the brain
  • experience forges behavioural change
  • most people have only a 50/50 chance of accurately detecting deception

We deal in top tier Human Skills and highly desirable technical skills for effective interviews, negotiation, rapport building, influence, critical thinking, decision making and analysis.

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