Online Courses

An easy way to introduce yourself to the topic

At New Intelligence we believe that online courses have over-promised and under-delivered. Whilst many would blame technology failings, development expenses or poor design, the real problem lies in two areas. Firstly, online learning has evolved as a quick, easy, tick in the box solution that provides protection to organisations from workplace problems that are difficult and problematic to eliminate. Secondly, the very nature of these same problems dictate that the content of the courses is dry, boring and often perceived as lacking relevance. Online learning has emerged as the go-to option for a wide range of issues and so many e-learning providers offer hundreds of courses on many topics that range from workplace health and safety to better communications.

We have only a few. These courses have been derived from the content that we have developed for our face to face programs. We won’t over-promise – they won’t make you an expert or a practitioner. Our online offerings are designed by us to deliver the fundamental information, concepts and models that will provide the learner with an understanding of the topic and what they need to do to begin to increase their capability in their chosen area.
Our online offerings use interactive design, are aesthetically pleasing and have a significant assessment component to ensure that you retain the information in them.
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We hope you enjoy the experience that we intend for our website. We do not intend for it to be a sales tool. We do not believe it should convince you that we are the answer to your problem. We want it to be somewhere for you to see if we are worth your interest and effort. If you are interested and prepared to expend a small amount of time, contact us and we will come and meet with you. We have the research, the applications, the people and the nerve to help you improve in entirely new ways.