Human Skills

Human Skills 

There is a set of skills developed for the purpose of making life easier. One that every person in the world possesses; but to varying degrees. They are the skills used by strong leaders, successful sales professionals, effective managers, respected educators, loved parents, consistent healers, longstanding partners, powerful negotiators and vigilant protectors. They are the skills we start building, virtually from birth, and spend our life developing in the hope that we can be more certain about people and ultimately influence them in an ethical and sustainable way. These are the Human Skills. And there are people who are learning the science of being human – using what their brain already knows.

Reading People  

First developed over a decade ago this course is still the only one of its kind both domestically and internationally. Reading People has been updated over 35 times with new research. It was recently assessed by our partner, Professor David Matsumoto in the United States, to ensure it was true to the current science. This course transcends outdated concepts such as body language, hemispheric preferences and gender brain typologies to bring participants an understanding of the motivations and attributes of others and how to best read for them. Reading People introduces the latest research and application for concepts such as psychological gender, emotional literacy and cognitive styles and provides a simple yet effective framework for practitioners to apply in the workplace and at home. To make a change and practice new things complete our Online Reading People program.

Influencing People  

This course is set upon three assumptions:

  1. The better you are at reading people the more influential you will become
  2. The more influential you become the easier you will be to influence
  3. There are ways to influence others that are unethical and unfair and usually unsustainable

Building on the base provided in Reading People this course has been designed to provide an understanding of the broad range of influence tactics and techniques using one simple continuum. It reveals why there is no one way to influence others and how the pursuit of easy influence has led to the increased use of unethical and unsustainable approaches. Drawing on the latest research in psychology, social influence and behavioural economics Influencing People will challenge participants attitudes to power and control and show that decision making lies at the heart of every influence problem.

Dealing with Uncertainty  

In design phase for a year and development for another year this course has attracted more interest, more participants and more feedback than anything else New Intelligence has developed. Unique in the training landscape Dealing with Uncertainty helps participants to do exactly what the title says. Using two simple models, one for the cognitive and psychological effects of uncertainty and the other framework for decision making, the participant examines how they function in the modern world from both their own perspective and that of others.

Ethical Decision Making – Science and Practice

Most organisations are judged on their reputation and consistently, one of the most significant contributors to this reputation, are the decisions made by people within those organisations. With ever-increasing demands for accountability and transparency for both private and public sector organisations, the need for effective, quality decision making is also growing. This course is designed specifically to address this need and has been designed as a strongly customisable 1 or 2 day course that seeks to challenge participants on how and why they make the decisions they make. It presents a clear, simple framework that supports lawful and ethical decisions, both in the workplace and at home.

Evaluating Truthfulness and Detecting Deception

With content licensed directly from our partner Humintell in the United States, we have developed a simple and pragmatic approach to what science shows to be one of the most difficult and complex capabilities for anyone to acquire. Designed as an extension of the Reading People course, Evaluating Truthfulness and Detecting Deception is an advanced course that challenges large blocks of contemporary opinion and outdated research. There are no quick wins or easy tells to be found in this course, just valid and reliable approaches based on the best science available.

Using at home what you learned for work…

The Human Skills suite of courses have been used to improve the performance of individuals in diverse work areas including National Security, Health, Compliance, Sales, Law Enforcement, Banking and Financial Services, Commonwealth, State and Local Government, Audit, Defence, Retail and even Education. There is, however, one area from where we receive more positive feedback and validation than any other – personal life. Over the past decade more than 65% of our participants say what they have learned in our Human Skills courses is used at home before it is used at work. In fact, most say it has helped them as much at home as it has at work. Wherever it really matters, being better at being human pays off.

Put simply the problem is this: Even the most perfectly designed and built process or system is only as good as the human being who uses it. And for many executives, because controlling quality in processes and systems is infinitely easier than similar activities with people, it seems reasonable to try and factor people out of the equation altogether.
People can be difficult to deal with and frustrating to manage.


John H. Fleming and Jim Asplund
Human Sigma

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