The foundation on which we build your own customised version

Our Core Offerings

We have to start somewhere.

When most people think of training they think of courses, and when they look for courses they are usually looking for off-the-shelf offerings that might fit their requirements or training needs. When our clients think of training they think of behavioural change and when they want behavioural change they look for offerings that are flexible, contextualised, completely relevant and dynamic. They want exercises that reflect their business operations and delivery using language that has meaning within their organisation. They don’t want to build anything from scratch themselves and they don’t want to pay to have a pre-existing package modified to suit their needs. What they are looking for is not on any shelf.

With this in mind we changed how we designed and developed our content offerings. We reduced each course into a set of modules that could be moved and aggregated depending on what our clients wanted in terms of content, time, intensity and complexity. Our courses are the starting point for a process that we use to deliver outcomes that meet our clients’ needs. We can arrange the length, content, exercise type and delivery schedule simply and quickly at no cost to our client. Using Behaviours Assessment results as our guide we ensure the content is relevant and meaningful.

Some things we believe:

   •   most training is “do what I can do” not “do what you can do”

   •   data projectors are ok but experience is great

   •   fear is the most commonly experienced emotion

   •   not everyone has to like the facilitator

   •   excess uncertainty limits realisation of your potential

   •   if training is comfortable it is ineffective

   •   humans have phenomenal potential

   •   motivated people make the best learners

We provide anyone who wants it the opportunity to be better – no matter what they want to be better at

“Yet simplicity has been difficult to implement in modern life because it is against the spirit of a certain brand of people who seek sophistication so they can justify their profession…….

Heuristics are simplified rules of thumb that make things simple and easy to implement. But their main advantage is that the user knows that they are not perfect, just expedient, and is therefore less fooled by their powers. They become dangerous when we forget that.”


Nassim Nicholas Talib

Our development process takes generic modules and tailors them using Specialised content relevant to specific clients. In order for our clients to begin the design process with us we have aggregated our content into three conceptual groups that closely align with current training courses.

The first of these is Human Skills group which includes content about emotional literacy, building relationships, making decisions, influencing others and dealing with the problems work and life throw at us.

The Interview group has content that can be used by anyone who has to gather information from another person for a purpose. Whether it is a job interview, a case management engagement, compliance or enforcement based, explore the New Intelligence PROSPECT interview model.

The Critical Thinking and Analysis group covers everything from intelligence doctrine and analytical training through to more general critical thinking. It also contains highly specialised content that relates to specific areas of operations such as threat assessment.

We hope you enjoy the experience that we intend for our website. We do not intend for it to be a sales tool. We do not believe it should convince you that we are the answer to your problem. We want it to be somewhere for you to explore and see if we are worth your interest and effort. If you are interested and prepared to expend a small amount of time, contact us and we will come and meet with you. We have the research, the applications, the people and the nerve to help you improve in entirely new ways.